Augmented Reality in Business

by Adesina Abdulhameed Remaining relevant in any sector strongly depends on how much your business incorporates innovations into its growth strategy. One up-and-coming technology that can captivate customers and solidify loyalty and engagement is augmented reality (AR). What is AR, and how can you leverage it to take your business to the next level? AR …

Blockchain: Proof of Work Explained

By Roman Kondratiev Tl;dr Summary Proof of work (PoW) currently empowers over 58% of all cryptocurrencies, making it the most popular and reliable consensus mechanism in the blockchain world. By validating on-chain transactions, miners ensure the blockchain’s security (preventing malicious activity), decentralization (not a single entity controls the verification process), and transparency (everyone has access …

The Executive Hologram? How to Beam Yourself into Boardrooms to Defy Time and Space

By Hamsat Isiaka For many people, using holograms still seems like a scene from a science fiction film or novel instead of daily life. However, the technology already exists and is in service, allowing busy executives to beam into multiple meetings (regardless of physical location) at once. The holograms can project leaders’ physical presence, allowing …

Reimagining Democracy: The Rise of DAOs

by Fareha Khurram A DAO—decentralized autonomous organization (pronounced “dow”)—is an organizational structure created with blockchain technology and is referred to as a kind of cryptocurrency cooperative. Its members frequently manage it through cryptocurrency tokens. These tokens often grant certain privileges, such as the capacity to control a common treasury or cast a vote for particular …

Incredible Metaverse Opportunities for Competitive Businesses That Want to Thrive

by Adesina Abdulhameed Tl;dr summary The metaverse is a digital reality popular among gamers and Web3 enthusiasts. For businesses, building a presence in a metaverse means attracting the attention of potential customers, creating a unique experience, and establishing a more forward-looking digital presence. Virtual reality isn’t just for gaming anymore! Businesses have begun recognizing how …

Bitcoin Is Not “Crypto”; It Is Far Better

By Divine Micah Tl;dr Summary Bitcoin is a ground-breaking invention that enables peer-to-peer value exchange without needing a bank or other third party. Thousands of other blockchain-based currencies and tokens (popularly known as “altcoins”) are on the market, but none of them have the fundamentals and value of Bitcoin. The word “cryptocurrency” has undergone a …

Blockchain Domains – Why Should You Own One?

More than 2.4 million users have created Unstoppable Domains, a type of web address using blockchain technology. Over 400,000 users have generated blockchain domains that are easier to read (using ordinary language instead of confusing computer code) thanks to the Ethereum Name Service. The benefits of these new domain services include outright ownership (instead of temporary possession), decentralization (less worrying about downtime), and domains acting as digital wallet addresses for the online economy — all advances from how domains work in Web 2.0.

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