How Crypto Meets Politics in the U.S.

by Roman Kondratiev Brian Armstrong, co-founder and CEO of Coinbase, revealed the company’s intentions to start incorporating crypto policy features into its app. He claimed that by doing this, the 103 million verified Coinbase users will now be able to see where members of Congress and local representatives stand on crypto policies. 1/ Starting today, …

3 Ways to Find the Best Web3 Copywriters

by Cheril Clarke Finding quality copywriters for Web3 projects is crucial. The best wordsmiths complete assignments quickly, accurately and with stunning attention to detail—they can make your content stand head and shoulders above competitors in your space. It’s not just about being fast, however (an AI bot can do that); it’s about knowing how to …

Corporate Storytelling in Web3

by Cheril Clarke What comes to mind when you hear Coinbase? What about Binance, Ripple or Polygon? If you’re a native Web3 organization or fan, you probably have immediate and distinct thoughts when you hear about each of these companies. Whether poor customer service, low-fee transactions, lawsuits or powerful collaborations, each company is known for …

AI Projects to Watch

by Adesina Abdulhameed “Artificial Intelligence” (AI), a term that came to be in the early 1950s, is now in normal use in 2022. It is the ability of machines to perform or imitate cognitive practices, which could previously be achieved only by humans. AI in itself is a testament to how far human technology has …

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