The Top 10 Qualities of the Best NFT Writers

Some business leaders are scrambling to keep up with the latest trends as the world goes even more digital. Regulations and red tape have made it difficult for businesses to move as fast as they need to. But there’s one trend that they can’t afford to ignore: non-fungible tokens, or NFTs.

What Are NFTs?

NFTs are digital collectible assets that are unique and cannot be replicated. They’re often used to represent ownership of a digital object, like artwork, an audio file or a video. But just because anyone can create an NFT doesn’t mean everyone can write about them. It takes a special set of skills to be a good NFT writer.

Example Digital Artwork

Digital asset tied to exclusive, real-world experiences.

Which Brands Are in the NFT Space?

Large companies like Starbucks, Nike, Prada, McDonald’s and more have launched NFT projects. And smaller, scrappy upstarts like The Royals and The Hugz have pioneered new digital art and NFT projects. Whether limited editions or a new take on old loyalty programs, big brands and newcomers are making their way to the NFT space. A Web3 writer who is enthusiastic about digital publishing and digital artwork is essential to highlighting the power and potential of this emerging technology.

Here are the top 10 qualities of the best NFT writers: 

  1. They’re well-versed in blockchain technology.
  2. They understand how NFTs work and how they differ from other digital assets.
  3. They know how to find the best NFTs on the market.
  4. They’re able to explain complex concepts in simple terms.
  5. They have a knack for spotting trends before anyone else does.
  6. They’re able to write engaging and compelling headlines.
  7. They know how to use search engine optimization (SEO) to your advantage.
  8. They’re active on social media and have a dynamic following.
  9. They have experience writing about other financial topics, such as stocks, bonds and cryptocurrency.
  10. They have a deep understanding of the legal issues surrounding NFTs and the publishing industry.

There aren’t many writers who can check off all these qualities. Not many people understand NFTs, but those who exhibit the 10 qualities above tend to write well about NFTs and can handle many related tasks, from crafting a blog post to writing a video script. Great writers in the NFT space are in high demand, so those who want to become a leading voice in this growing industry need the skills to stand out from the pack—they need to be phenomenal.

How Far Can NFTs go?

NFT sales have seen roller-coaster ups and downs as the new technology finds its footing. However, as with all emerging technologies in Web3, NFT stands an exciting chance to reshape the digital sphere. Artists aren’t the only ones who want to sell NFTs. Just recently, a South Carolina house sold as an NFT. So, they are not limited to digital content. NFT marketplaces like OpenSea may portray art only, but a non-fungible token may prove to be a myriad of things in time. They are limited only by our imagination and have the potential to shake up everything from traditional publishing and art to real estate and retail.

If you’re looking to hire a Web3 copywriter who understands the NFT trend, NFT drops and the Ethereum blockchain (one of the main blockchains that support NFTs in the digital world) for your website or blog, make sure they have the 10 qualities above. By doing so, you’ll ensure that you have someone who can write about this complex topic and help build the community around your project or NFT platform.

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