4 Qualities to Look for in Web3 Copywriters

Great writing has heart. It has soul. It moves people to feel or do something. Great writing creates a connection. When writing about blockchain, crypto and Web3 topics, finding the best copywriter is essential to success. If you’re looking to build a community around your project, or if you already have one but need stronger updates, you’ll absolutely need a high-performing copywriter to create compelling content. If you need communications help for your Web3 project, consider these four qualities when hiring a copywriter:

  1. Expertise – A writer with a firm understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency is likely more valuable to your company than a writer without one. This is a new and energetic sector with many new terms and nuances. Finding someone who can quickly understand it all and create a story for your brand or project without much handholding is ideal.
  2. Storytelling ability – It isn’t enough to understand crypto; the perfect writer will know how to tell captivating stories. Web3 is full of hard-to-grasp, technical information, and a writer who can turn this into an engaging narrative is a must. The copywriter who knows how to compel people to read from one sentence to the next and get them hooked on your content is who you need.
  3. Speed and agility – News gets old fast. An exceptional Web3 copywriter can keep up with the pace of change and thirst for content. They can leverage technology to help themselves write better, faster and stronger without sacrificing human connection, substance or style. Look for a writer who can scale with you as you grow and add members (or entirely new departments) to your team.
  4. Understanding of SEO and how to be found – Check prospective writers’ portfolios and online presence. How well have they marketed themselves? How well have they told their stories? Do their samples and digital footprints demonstrate their ability to sell an idea or paint a picture? What existing clients have they had? (If none, what does their mock portfolio tell you?)

A great Web3 writer is more than a writer. It’s someone who understands the industry, the business in general AND the craft of writing.

It may feel like you’re looking for a unicorn based on the above qualities, but rest assured there are a handful of unicorns out there (hey, anything is possible in Web3, right?). They just may not be found on Twitter tweeting all day, which is why it’s critical you dig deeper. Check LinkedIn. Search for communications agencies specializing in Web3, like Web3Comms.

Our global team has 20+ years of dynamic writing experience. From blog articles to press releases, video scripts to website copy, and even white papers, we’ve done it all for a wide range of clients. And we’re bringing that expertise to Web3! If you could use the help of a professional copywriter for your Web3 project, contact us today to see how we can help!

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