Why Storytelling Matters for Web3 Projects

The web may be evolving from 2.0 to 3.0, but one thing that won’t change is the power of storytelling. In fact, storytelling is crucial to community building and onboarding new customers in Web3. People love a good story; it’s why Hollywood makes billions of dollars a year releasing movies. Stories have the power to make us feel something. They can make us feel seen. Great stories can make us think, reflect, and dream about what’s possible. For these reasons alone, storytelling in Web3 is necessary for a project to succeed.

From the founders of a project to the day-to-day consistency of published content, storytelling should always be considered in Web3. It should be a priority in every communication strategy if the goal is to build and energize a community to support a project. So, what makes a good story? Universal themes that people can relate to, narratives about common problems and uncommon solutions, and stories that are meaningful and relevant to audiences. These three elements build affinity and bonds with your project and teams. If you’re lost on how to begin, start by considering the basics: What’s the project’s origin? Who or what inspired it? Why is it important right now? Answering these questions can help you develop a story that resonates with your community over time.

Examples of places (or mediums) to share a good company story include fireside chats at conferences and events, media interviews with founders, Twitter threads, and YouTube and TikTok content. The goal is to leverage different mediums to tell your project story in a way that makes sense for your community—all while educating them about your project’s mission and goals.

Because Web3 uses a new language that’s constantly evolving and is fraught with failed projects, lawsuits and scams that sometimes overshadow the brilliance of blockchain technology, it’s crucial that your blockchain project tells a trust-building story. It’s important that the vision and potential of your product are clearly communicated through a compelling narrative that helps people understand what you’re building and why it’s important.

If you need help creating a communications strategy or need a talented crew of Web3 copywriters to help tell your story, contact us today. We’re ready to help!

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