3 Ways to Find the Best Web3 Copywriters

by Cheril Clarke

Finding quality copywriters for Web3 projects is crucial. The best wordsmiths complete assignments quickly, accurately and with stunning attention to detail—they can make your content stand head and shoulders above competitors in your space. It’s not just about being fast, however (an AI bot can do that); it’s about knowing how to write in a way that grips readers from beginning to end. You want a writer who understands storytelling and psychology, one who is passionate about Web3 but also understands the “why” readers stay on a page rather than click off. You want a writer who understands how to make people FEEL.

Here are three ways to find and hire exceptional Web3 copywriters:

  1. Look for portfolios that show off ability, successful projects and previous client testimonials. Look closely at a copywriter candidate’s attention to detail in their work and what others have said about working with them. If you want to give a new writer a chance, still request a portfolio. A hungry writer will create something out of nothing (using dummy clients and projects) to demonstrate what they could do if given a chance. A writer who can’t produce a few samples may not be ready for the hectic pace of Web3—you want someone who can take the initiative and doesn’t need handholding.
  2. Find writers who are active in your industry or niche. It’s vital to have an active online presence in Web3. Ask prospective hires for their blog, Medium, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. See how they engage with others in the space. Do they know their way around crypto convos? Do they contribute meaningfully?
  3. Hire a professional writing agency that cultivates the best Web3 content writers and optimizes them for elite performance. A Web3 writing agency may have talented writers scattered worldwide to ensure minimal downtime and maximum productivity. Not only can an agency help you find writers on short notice, but it has also likely already vetted writers for strengths and weaknesses and knows which ones to put on specific projects. For example, if you need content geared to a more technical crowd, an agency can assign the best writer to your team (not a jack of all genres and master of none).

Hiring wisely and building relationships with phenomenal writers and communications agencies is essential. You want content that is informative, vibrant and engaging, and you want it to be plagiarism free. At Web3 Comms, we are experts in crafting compelling copy that engages readers and provides rich information at lightning speed. Our content is concise, comprehensive and trustworthy, and our fees are reasonable and competitive. We lean on 20+ years of communications experience and also have illustrators, graphic designers, video editors and more who can collectively tackle all of your Web3 marketing and communications needs.

Contact us today to see how we can help you take your content to the next level.



Web3 Comms is a subsidiary of Phenomenal Writing, an executive communications consulting agency that has worked with Fortune 500 clients at GE, UPS, Amazon, Cox Enterprises, Beachbody, Amway, City National Bank and more.

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