AI Projects to Watch

by Adesina Abdulhameed

“Artificial Intelligence” (AI), a term that came to be in the early 1950s, is now in normal use in 2022. It is the ability of machines to perform or imitate cognitive practices, which could previously be achieved only by humans. AI in itself is a testament to how far human technology has progressed. It was deemed impossible by early philosophers as cognitive ability was referred to as an exclusively human trait that could not be replicated.

Today, AI performs incredible tasks within milliseconds, an astonishing triumph over previous skepticism. These functions include data interpretation, learning from external data, decision making, and so on.

Some would argue that the future of AI is so scary that the technology might outsmart humans in the future. When the computer was invented, things that took humans days got reduced to minutes, and that was when computers relied solely on us for commands. Creating an autonomous computer that independently interprets data and makes independent decisions based on the data is indeed a beauty to behold.

Whether the future of AI is scary or exciting, it is clear that this technology has come to stay. Every smart business or organization needs to leverage this future technology, as some already have. The beauty of AI is that this technology can be used and leveraged wherever intelligence is needed. Therefore, it is relevant in all works of life and sectors of the economy. AI is projected to contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030, with many projects keying into AI technology. Below are some of the fast-growing AI projects to watch.

  • Runway

Runway is an AI-based video editing platform that makes creating videos faster and less complicated. The days of having to be a professional before editing videos are gone (for basic content, at least). With computer-assisted tools, videos can be perfectly presented and produced in the Runway platform.

The software program incorporates AI technology in a way that reduces video creation to just simple clicks and keystrokes, drastically reducing the time it takes to edit clips. And guess what? It doesn’t reduce the video quality or creativity whatsoever. The tools are a product of years of gathering data, which has helped to improve the process of creating videos.


Another excellent AI project to look out for is Murf is a text-to-speech generator platform that allows you to convert your text to professional-sounding voice-overs in real time. Think corporate spokespersons, podcast voices, online educators, on-hold phone messages, and more. Murf offers a wide range of voice types for different needs. With Murf, your text magically becomes a voice! is a testament to the potential of AI technology. It does not only convert written words to audio but also gives you the choice to choose how you want your text to sound. This is only a few steps away from what human intelligence does.

  • Brandmark

Last but not least of the projects trailblazing AI technology to watch out for is Brandmark. It is an AI-assisted platform that makes designing logos for businesses and brands seamless. Creating graphics and logos were exclusive projects meant for graphic designers, but with Brandmark, a layman can create a unique brand logo in a few minutes.

Brandmark has redefined the concept of logo creation by making it accessible and easy to do. Also, it lets you, as a business owner, interact with the elements and choose what you feel best represents your brand. No intermediaries. Just you and the tools to create what you love.


Artificial Intelligence is a technology that is here to stay and will redefine digital advancement as we know it. It is only wise to get on this technology of the future to enhance or improve your businesses and projects one way or another. To learn more about AI, Web3, and the general evolution of working on the web, subscribe to our blog today.

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