The Executive Hologram? How to Beam Yourself into Boardrooms to Defy Time and Space

By Hamsat Isiaka

For many people, using holograms still seems like a scene from a science fiction film or novel instead of daily life. However, the technology already exists and is in service, allowing busy executives to beam into multiple meetings (regardless of physical location) at once. The holograms can project leaders’ physical presence, allowing remote workers to interact with them as if they were there. This is possible through artificial intelligence, 360-degree video, and proprietary software.

Holographic technology is increasingly making its way into corporate organizations for high-profile conferences and sales presentations. Imagine a life-size hologram presenting and engaging with audiences as if they were physically present. Though less common, holograms are even in use for loved ones to attend personal milestone moments. Can’t picture it? Check out this clip to see holographic innovation in action.

According to David Nussbaum, the founder of PORTL (later named “PROTO”), “Holograms were never in demand for anything but entertainment until recently.” Now, tech platforms like ARHT Media are committed to popularizing the technology as a new way of communication among business executives.

Big tech corporations see holograms as a revolutionary way to communicate with customers and employees while reducing travel. You can be anywhere as a hologram and achieve more with a more significant impact!

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Holograms as a Business Executive:

  1. More productivity and less hassle. With holographic technology, you can beam yourself to important audiences as a hologram, saving countless travel hours that can be used for other productive tasks. Stop stressing about hectic airports, endless delays, and jet lag.
  2. Increased attention and precision. Companies like Realfiction have holographic options for props and other objects that captivate live audiences and those walking through trade shows. Like magic, you can hold an audience’s attention far better when you appear as a hologram. Your full body language and gestures won’t appear lost.
  3. Ability to be in multiple places at once. Holograms can make you appear remotely in one location or many locations simultaneously to both in-person and remote audiences. They help capture scenes and objects and make them viewable from different angles. The great thing is audiences don’t need a special screen or glasses to view the holographic image.
  4. Lower costs compared to flying. Appearing as a hologram can be cost effective as it cuts travel and logistic expenses. Imagine a CEO having to do a cross-country (or global) tour to address employees at various locations. Flights, hotels, and meals all add up, but if that CEO could walk into a studio and beam into multiple cities, these costs disappear.
  5. Reduction of carbon emissions. By avoiding unnecessary airline travel and ground transportation that go with business trips, executives can do their part to reduce carbon emissions. Airports, airplanes, and other mediums for transportation emit radiation and carbon emissions, both of which are eliminated when you appear as a hologram. Embracing holographic technology can make the planet a little greener and more sustainable.

Holograms Are the Future of Executive Communication

Business travels are costly and not always feasible. Video calls can’t replace all kinds of business travel, and as a busy executive, you may find it tiresome to do constant video presentations. However, holographic technology helps you virtually be in many places at once while giving your presentations in real time. As we move into an era of more and more communication taking place virtually, holograms are an excellent choice for some executives. To learn more about the future of business communications, including virtual and augmented reality options, visit us at Web3 Comms.


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